Gastric Bypass Surgery Diet Guide

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Gastric bypass surgery is one of the most popular weight loss procedures that are available today. But it is important to note that as much as you want, this is not for everyone. It is important what the scope of the surgery, as well as the benefits and risks involved. Also, if ever you qualify, you need to prepare yourself and be willing to re-learn your dietary habits for positive and long-lasting effects.

Gastric Bypass Surgery Considerations

Prior to having the surgery, you have to make plans for your special kind of diet that you have to follow before and after having the surgery. Your pre-surgery diet is intended to reduce the amount of fat in and around the liver. This also helps lessen the risk of complications during the procedure. When the surgery is done, the doctor will provide a general diet guideline that you need to follow. This diet will have weekly phases. This will help meet the needs of a smaller stomach while practicing healthier eating habits.

Pre-Surgery Diet

Losing weight prior to gastric bypass surgery can help lessen the amount of fat in the body, especially in the abdomen and liver. This will allow you to have a laparoscopy, instead of an open surgery. A laparoscopy is less invasive, easier on the body, and does not require a lot of recovery time.

Losing weight before the surgery will not just make the procedure safer but will also help train you to have a new eating habit. The exact eating plan and preoperative weight loss goals are determined by the doctor. The eating plan may begin as soon as you have been cleared for the procedure. If adequate weight loss is not achieved, the procedure can be postponed or cancelled. Therefore, you have to start your diet as soon as you can.

What to Eat

The pre-operation diet often consists of protein shakes and low-calorie and high-protein food that can be digested easily. Protein is helpful in protecting and bolstering the muscle tissues. This also helps the body to burn fat and keeps the body strong, which is helpful in speeding up the recovery.

As the date of the surgery is approaching, you might have to follow a liquid-only diet. Considering your weight and health, the doctor may let you consume some solid food that includes soft-boiled eggs, watered down hot cereal, and fish.

Before the procedure, be sure that you speak with your anesthesiologist for any instructions about those things that you can or can’t have prior to surgery. The suggestions may vary.

Diet After the Surgery

After the procedure, the meal plan will go through several stages. How long every stage would last and what you can drink or eat will all be determined by a dietician or doctor. All stages, however, give emphasis on the importance of portion control. Such a habit will help you continue to lose weight and train you how you should for the rest of your life.We all want to look good and this greatly equates to being healthy. If you want to get rid of those extra fat in your body and want to see if this surgery can help you, be sure to talk to a doctor first to find out if you are qualified for it. Click this link to see other types of weight loss surgeries.

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