When Is the Best Time to Undergo Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

Testosterone replacement therapy, what does it have to do with as you get older?Aging in both men and women brings about an inevitable hormonal imbalance. In men, these changes in hormonal levels can be seen mostly in testosterone in which the body’s production of this hormone is gradually reduced as years go by.

From the age of 30 years old and up, the natural tendency of a male human body is to produce less of this important hormone. Although it is a gradual reduction of T-levels, some men would experience uncomfortable symptoms such as weight gain, loss of muscle mass, low sex drive and more. Consequently, these symptoms will be affecting the quality of their lives.

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Testosterone replacement is a qualified hormone replacement therapy or HRT. Before anyone could undergo this kind of hormone replacement treatment, you need to undergo a series of blood tests first and results should show that you are indeed having a low amount of testosterone in your system. This is the only time that you will submit yourself to this kind of hormone therapy program, under the supervision of a qualified medical professional.

What is TRT in Australia?

Studies have shown that aging men tend to have lesser amounts of T-levels in their bodies compared to their juniors. Testosterone levels in men decrease by at least 1-2% each year after the age of 30. TRT Australia is one way to effectively regulate the male hormones and replenish diminished  testosterone levels. 

Some of the indicating symptoms of low T-levels include:

  • Sudden mood swings and irritability
  • Poor focus or difficulty in concentration
  • Increased body fat
  • Low stamina
  • Reduced muscle strength
  • Decreased interest in sex or libido 

How is the Treatment Given?

TRT Australia products come in several different forms,  from injections and patches, from pills to topical creams. There are also treatment options that can be rubbed on the gums two times  a day. With respect to their dosage, this could come from daily to monthly basis, depending on the type of treatment that you choose.  

Who is a Good Candidate for TRT Australia? 

Submitting yourself to a trusted TRT doctor for a series of blood work will help determine if you are a candidate for testosterone replacement therapy in Sydney. While obesity and aging can be considered as qualified factors for lower T-levels, low testosterone can also indicate an abnormality of function in the pituitary gland.

Before engaging on a TRT program, your attending physician needs to conduct a series of tests to help him identify possible underlying reasons for your low testosterone. There are many instances that TRT prescriptions are not necessary but simple lifestyle changes will significantly help on improving symptoms, such as more hours of rest and improving your daily diet.

If in case, after sometime, 6-9 months since you decided to improve your living lifestyle and nothing substantial changes can be seen with regard to your TRT symptoms and that your pituitary functions are all considered normal, then TRT could be the best recourse of action to take in order to improve the quality of your life.

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What Available Hair Loss Treatments Today Really Work?

One need not be highly observant not to notice the burgeoning of hair loss treatments in the market today. There is a high concentration of products in this niche, and that makes it really confusing for the consumer to find the product that will work best for him. 

The hair growth pill, supplement, or potion are considered the holy grails of hair loss. They hold the promise of restoring thinning hair to its former lively, dense volume and reverse baldness. This explains the reason why we now have an industry that is valued at $1.5 billion worldwide.

The hair loss industry is catering to the needs of anxious men and women who are suffering from various degrees of hair thinning and hair loss. There are all sorts of products here, from supplements and shampoos, from pills to serums — all giving the grand promise of bringing you again a full body of mane. 

According to clinical evidence, which hair loss treatment works best in as far as promoting hair growth is concerned?  

Popular Hair Loss Treatments Today


A popular hair growth treatment among men, Minoxidil is a topical application that helps in rejuvenating and increasing the blood flow that goes around hair follicles. They usually have shrunk in size, but with regular application of minoxidil helps to increase their size and thicken again. Additionally, it causes the follicle’s growth phase to extend, encouraging hair regrowth. 

Minoxidil can be taken advantage of by both men and women who are concerned by the advancing of their thinning hair. It is available in the market under the brand name of Rogaine and comes as either liquid or foam formulation.  


This oral medication is not an over-the-counter type of hair thinning treatment. It comes available in the market under the brand name of Propecia, which is proudly FDA approved for treating hair loss. Male pattern hair loss usually takes place when dihydrotestosterone (DHT) hormone keeps the follicles of hair from obtaining the nutrients they need. This is where Finasteride comes into the picture, it puts a stop to the production of DHT, thus protecting the hair follicles.  

Hair Growth Boosting Shampoos

Despite high claims, these products are making in the market, and there are vast numbers of them so far, that they can help in regrowing hair they usually are of little help when it comes to a receding hairline. At best, these types of specialized formulation shampoos can help make hair thicker again, but unfortunately only for a short time. If there is one thing certain about these kinds of products, they won’t make it that far to what they are claiming to give to users.  

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Supplements for Hair Loss

This is again giving us an infinite number of products, which only goes to show that the consuming public is in dire, desperate need for effective ways to restore hair growth. 

Firstly, even if you are lucky and came across a seemingly effective hair growth supplement, it won’t stand a chance of getting to the root cause of the issue. Usually, they can’t live up to the promise of preventing or treating male or female pattern baldness, most especially if the underlying cause is related to genetics.

At the core of female hair loss has something to do with the hormonal changes happening in their bodies, and yet hair growth supplements seem not to have any power over this. But if there is one benefit you can enjoy and benefit from supplements is that they can nourish your hair so they become stronger and healthier. Hence, they become resistant to damage and fall, but restoring hair growth would be unlikely.  

If Everything Else Fails 

If you want to know how to thicken hair but everything else you have is not giving you good hope, consider using hair fibres instead. 

The vast majority of hair regrowth formulas and methods, regardless of their form and method, won’t really live up to their promise most especially if your hair thinning and hair loss issues are associated with your genetics. 

If hair loss and hair thinning issues run in your blood and family, there is a good chance that you will not be able to do anything with it. But you don’t need to live with this bitter reality with the use of hair fibres.

Hair fibres are an effective hair loss treatment. They are made from keratin strands, the very building protein of human hair. Once applied they intertwine to your existing hair, giving it natural hold and look. You may also take advantage of hair fiber spray for a more lasting, intact look of your hair.

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The Importance of the Right pH Level in Swim Spa for Sale

If you just recently acquired a swim spa for sale, proper care and maintenance for this kind of outdoor water entertainment feature is a must. So, you have a hydro pool swim spa of your own, and that makes you think that you can just kick back, relax, and chill.

There will be instances though that something will get in the way of this and disrupt you from enjoying your favorite pastime. Unstable pH levels of your swim spa and messed up alkalinity levels will ruin everything for you. You may try to chase your swim spa’s chemical levels up and you may be down with it with your test strips. However, the thing is, you just don’t have lady luck on your side as you can’t seem to hit the sweet spot right.

The proper chemical balance in your swim spa water is crucial because it will significantly help in keeping your tub water sparkling clean. Besides, it will also help a lot in protecting your pump, heater and a host of other system components safe from damage. The use of clean and sparkling water to your swim spa will count a lot in keeping your pool tub finish looking like they are brand new. The right level of pH is crucial here.

A pool water pH level is the measure of its level of acidity. Water can be qualified as leaning towards being acidic when pH level reading, on a scale of 0-14, indicates that it is below 7.0. Beyond this level, 8.0 and above signify that pool water is more basic or alkaline in quality. Between these two measure points, the proper pH level for the water pool should range between 7.4 to 7.6.

Proper pH Level is Critical Due to the Following Reasons

Below is a compilation of the reasons why proper pH level is so important in keeping the pool water within the ideal or target range.  

1.  An extremely low level of pH in your pool water can induce skin and eye irritation.

If your pool water is too acidic already, it not only runs the risk of stinging your nasal passage and the eyes, but it also runs the risk of stripping your body and skin of its natural protective oils, causing it to become dry and your hair brittle and prone to breakage.

The same issues could be anticipated if the pH level gets too high also. For the human body, it naturally is bordering on the neutral point on the scale.

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Outdoor jacuzzi

2.  A high pH level will deactivate chlorine. 

If your pH level runs further to being basic or alkaline, it runs the risk of rendering your chlorine to become less potent, less effective. Consequently, this happening will have you spend so much more on chlorine and yet you won’t have a good chance of having crystal clean swim spa for sale

3.  The improper balance on your pH level is likely to wreak damage to your pool vinyl liners. 

If your pool water is registering a low pH level, it runs the risk of creating unsightly wrinkles to your vinyl liner. Going in the opposite direction, if the pH level becomes too high, it will render your hydro swim spa vinyl liner to age faster and this happening you can guess it right that you will need for it to be replaced sooner than expected. 

4.  A low level of pH is synonymous with corrosion.

When your swim spa water is acidic, it can corrode everything up, from pool pumps to many other mechanical components to ladders. This corrosion will be creeping also to your diving board supports and slide. In gunite pools, a low pH level water will run the risk of corroding the plaster linings.

5. High pH level induces the cloudiness of water in your swim spa.

While the pH level is on the rise, it may cause minerals particles to solidify and this happening will cause the pool water to have a murky appearance. Long-standing water with a high pH level can also lead to unsightly mineral deposits.

The Power of pH

Keeping balance in water chemistry is paramount to the success of your swim spa pool maintenance. In many different ways, as illustrated here, the right pH level is the focal point of that balance.

It is given that there is a manifold of factors that will likely impact pH level, but with due diligence, practice and regular attention to this aspect of your swim spa maintenance, you can ensure that your pool water will stay in the ideal range that is ideal for your pool spa.

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A Spa Shop Sydney’s Advice on Maintaining Your Swim Spa

The vast majority of reputable spa shop Sydney companies are asserting that a swim spa is not just a stationary water pool. This outdoor water entertainment feature is also a qualified health installation. It is also a cardiovascular workout that middle-aged people need to engage themselves in.

Regardless of your purpose, whether you want to lose some weight, become fitter, or just want something you can relax and unwind on – a swim spa may provide exactly what you are looking for. Much like any other outdoor water features, these kinds of outdoor living space installations require maintenance. Otherwise, you will shorten their service life and  thus you will not get your money’s worth.

Before you go ahead to shop for your own, it is of prime importance that you know the requirements first. Did you know that pool installation that receives poor care and maintenance are likely to put your health and overall safety at risk? If you abandon the idea of having it properly maintained, you also run the risk of having expensive repairs later on.

Below is a compilation of the best practices you need to know to properly maintain your swim spa.

Check the Water

Chances are high that you are not using your swim spa daily, which is okay and normal. However, what you should not skimp on checking the water quality you have in your pool.

Keep track of how well the water looks like as well as how it smells when it is good. If there are any significant changes to these two factors, that could be an indication of something more sinister and serious. Thus, you will have to pry further.

Changes in water quality or smell can be signs of underlying issues and your prompt action could help prevent the problem from further advancing. Like for instance, if there are issues with your filtration. Applying the remedy to the problem would be a lot breezier if the entire filtration system is not yet compromised.


A swim spa’s pool chemistry can be daunting to many of us. Right now, we have good access to devices and methods that will help us monitor things like chlorination level, pH level, and calcium hardness.

As for the pH level, ideally for swim spas and similar outdoor water features, it should be near the pH level of the human eye, and that is 7.4. You know that your swim spa’s pH level is within this range if you swim in it without any protection and your eyes are not getting irritated at all.

When it comes to chlorine, the ideal ratio would be 3 parts per million. However, the range of 1:5 would still be acceptable. You also need to keep an eye on the level of calcium hardness in the water. It should be between 125 and 400 parts for every million. The total level of alkalinity should be around 160 parts for every million.

If everything is within their recommended levels, it would be safe to swim in your pool. Additionally, it will also help in keeping corrosion to occur in your swim spa’s heating and filtration systems.

Test Strips

If you are looking for more convenience in monitoring your swim spa’s water chemistry, you may resort to the use of test strips instead. Spa supplies near me advised me that I won’t be able to get everything in balance with one strike alone. But the most important part is to focus on chlorination and pH levels first.

While your level of experience and knowledge increases, you will get the hang of managing their levels pretty well. You don’t have to let yourself feel intimidated if things will not go perfect in your first go.

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Gastric Bypass Surgery Diet Guide

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Gastric bypass surgery is one of the most popular weight loss procedures that are available today. But it is important to note that as much as you want, this is not for everyone. It is important what the scope of the surgery, as well as the benefits and risks involved. Also, if ever you qualify, you need to prepare yourself and be willing to re-learn your dietary habits for positive and long-lasting effects.

Gastric Bypass Surgery Considerations

Prior to having the surgery, you have to make plans for your special kind of diet that you have to follow before and after having the surgery. Your pre-surgery diet is intended to reduce the amount of fat in and around the liver. This also helps lessen the risk of complications during the procedure. When the surgery is done, the doctor will provide a general diet guideline that you need to follow. This diet will have weekly phases. This will help meet the needs of a smaller stomach while practicing healthier eating habits.

Pre-Surgery Diet

Losing weight prior to gastric bypass surgery can help lessen the amount of fat in the body, especially in the abdomen and liver. This will allow you to have a laparoscopy, instead of an open surgery. A laparoscopy is less invasive, easier on the body, and does not require a lot of recovery time.

Losing weight before the surgery will not just make the procedure safer but will also help train you to have a new eating habit. The exact eating plan and preoperative weight loss goals are determined by the doctor. The eating plan may begin as soon as you have been cleared for the procedure. If adequate weight loss is not achieved, the procedure can be postponed or cancelled. Therefore, you have to start your diet as soon as you can.

What to Eat

The pre-operation diet often consists of protein shakes and low-calorie and high-protein food that can be digested easily. Protein is helpful in protecting and bolstering the muscle tissues. This also helps the body to burn fat and keeps the body strong, which is helpful in speeding up the recovery.

As the date of the surgery is approaching, you might have to follow a liquid-only diet. Considering your weight and health, the doctor may let you consume some solid food that includes soft-boiled eggs, watered down hot cereal, and fish.

Before the procedure, be sure that you speak with your anesthesiologist for any instructions about those things that you can or can’t have prior to surgery. The suggestions may vary.

Diet After the Surgery

After the procedure, the meal plan will go through several stages. How long every stage would last and what you can drink or eat will all be determined by a dietician or doctor. All stages, however, give emphasis on the importance of portion control. Such a habit will help you continue to lose weight and train you how you should for the rest of your life.We all want to look good and this greatly equates to being healthy. If you want to get rid of those extra fat in your body and want to see if this surgery can help you, be sure to talk to a doctor first to find out if you are qualified for it. Click this link to see other types of weight loss surgeries.

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Hair Thickening Fibres and Other Types of Hair Loss Concealer

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Right now, we have an observable resurgence on the popular use of hair thickening fibres. They are a qualified hair loss concealer and the material contained within each bottle intertwines with the existing hair strands of the user. This explains the reason why using such a product will give you thicker hair in an instant. However, since hair building fibres work need to attach themselves to a hair strand, it will not work on a completely bald area. The absence of a hair strand only means to say that the hair fibres will not latch on anything but will just land on your scalp. If that is the case, it will just eventually fall off your shoulder.

Hair building fibers are negatively charged particles, which is the reason why they easily adhere to remaining hair shafts which are positively charged. The negative charge in which these hair building fibres come in Hence, you don’t need to make use of artificial hair sprays just to make them stay on your head for longer. These hair thickening fibres will stay on your head and are not bound to fall off easily, not unless you intentionally wash them off when you shower at night. 

Different  Kinds of Hair Building Fibers

Hair thickening fibres may come in several types and forms. We can divide them into two classifications. One is a liquid type of hair loss concealer, and the second would the power-based hair loss concealer.

  • Dry hair loss concealers:

The more popular product between these two is the dry variant for hair loss concealer. It is preferred by more users when compared to its liquid-type counterparts.  

  • Liquid hair loss concealers:

This type of hair fibres comes in 3 different forms. There are gel types, creme form and water-based. You will find water-based hair loss concealers in small spray bottles. As for the creme type or gel form, they are usually found in packets or tubes.

Known Issues

Loyal users of liquid-type hair loss concealers have to complain about its removal at the end of the day. Users are asserting that it is not easy to come off and for this reason, many fear that it may even induce a more pronounced hair loss in the long run.

How to Use Hair Loss Concealer Products?

The application of powder or dry type of hair loss concealer is fairly simple and easy. Depending on the current thickness level of hair in the affected area, you sprinkle them over the existing hair. Since they are negatively charged, they instantly intertwine with the existing hair shafts. This makes the affected area looks like it has a restored volume of hair. The hair building fibers will make the remaining hair in the area look a lot thicker and with more volume.


As for the water-based type of hair fibres, they are usually packed in spray bottles. They are also convenient to use since you will just have to spray the solution over the heavily affected area of your head, and in no time you will visible results. Right after you apply the product, it will be very obvious to see the affected area will look more voluminous in a jiffy.

But things are pretty much different when it comes to gel-type or cream-based hair thickener. Applying this type of hair building product is tougher. Application for this type will require you to make use of a hairbrush or your hands for more even distribution of the product in affected areas. Aside from which, setting the product in place on your hair and setting your hair right will take a good amount of time to finish.

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The Myths Hounding Testosterone Replacement Therapy Today

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Several myths have been hounding TRT replacement space and these incorrect belief systems about it are working to the disadvantage of men who need it the most. In the absence of a discerning mind, one will easily fall prey to these wrong notions about TRT therapy, depriving a patient of his chance to experience an improved quality of life.

As a man gets older, the natural tendency of his testosterone level is to gradually declines, gradually. However, there are instances that this drop does not happen gradually but in the most abrupt way possible. If this happens, it can lead to serious health issues and its adverse impact on a man’s body will manifest in various ways. For no apparent reason, he feels tired all the time (lethargy). Or that he may have an observable decreased volume of the muscle mass. He may inability to reaching penile erection or maintaining the same. Some would experience decreased semen volume or increased body fat, and low interest in sex.

While the symptoms indicated above are not exhaustive, they are the most commonly complained about among those suffering from low T-levels. However, we qualify these symptoms as generic, which means to say that they can also indicate other issues other than low testosterone levels. This signifies that we need to seek the expertise of a qualified TRT doctor first doing anything else to help affirm what our medical condition is. Only then, after a thorough medical evaluation and a series of blood tests were carried out on us can we some validation on this.


A TRT replacement program can easily become a rewarding treatment plan provided that you go through this under the guidance of a competent TRT doctor. As mentioned earlier, it only takes a simple blood test to measure up your body’s testosterone levels. Your attending physician will require you to have instead a full endocrine system work up if he wants to ascertain that testosterone replacement therapy is right for you.

Below are 3 of the most popular myths on the TRT replacement program. We are going to debunk them with factual truths.

TRT therapy will make you overly aggressive

Early studies in 1972 showed that the most violent of criminals displayed higher levels of testosterone in their system which is completely in contrast to other prisoners who were less aggressive.

However, this is not at all very conclusive since earlier studies relied solely on observations and interviews where data produced were highly questionable. Thus, this requires further investigation and study. In order to produce reliable and accurate results here, we need to employ a more scientific approach. 

Thanks to the use of PET and MRI scanning devices. With the use of these pieces of equipment, the odds that we can have more objective data is now higher than ever. And finally prove, once and for all, if aggression and T-levels are directly related to each other.

Erectile Dysfunction against Libido

Reduced amount of testosterone in the male human body does not have any relation to erectile dysfunction. In the past researches, the TRT replacement program indicated to have a significant role in enhancing a man’s sexual urge.

Most of the time, erectile dysfunction is impacted by some other health issues, including high blood pressure, diabetes, smoking, high cholesterol, alcohol abuse, and anxiety. There are instances also that a radical change of lifestyle can help improve a man’s sex life.

TRT Therapy is the elusive fountain of youth

There is no grain of truth here. In the absence of a health-enhancing lifestyle, there is no way you should expect TRT therapy to work wonders for your health and body. It definitely cannot take the place of a healthy lifestyle. Your effort is of paramount importance to the success of a TRT treatment.

When you combine a healthy diet plus a regular exercise routine, working in conjunction with testosterone replacement program can help in making you feel young again, back to your old self.

If right from the very beginning you are not in the pink of health and you are not engaged in an exercise program, you are not likely to enjoy the optimum benefits of TRT replacement procedure.

Knowing what the truth is behind each wrong impression we have about a medical procedure is liberating. The same is true with testosterone replacement, the various myths surrounding it must be brought to the open and delve deeper to know the truth behind them. And only then can we say that we made an informed decision about it.

Myths and wrong impressions about TRT therapy could be putting you in a disadvantageous situation. If you want to learn something more about testosterone replacement Sydney industry and if such treatment is advisable for you, there is no better way to know it than by reaching out to a medical professional for help.

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