We are committed to researching and using new environmentally friendly fibres within our products to make them better for you and our world

Our commitment to the earth and to our customer is to use environmentally friendly natural fibres whenever possible to create our clothing. Through continual research and testing we guarantee only the highest natural performing fibres make it into our technical performance wear.

Our challenge has always been ensuring a steady supply of yak wool for our products. Increasing global temperatures are affecting the yak’s fine wool production on the Himalayan Plateau, the cost of yak wool is soaring and disrupted global supply chains continue to be a challenge, yet we know that nothing equals the technical properties of this miracle natural fibre.

In order to continue offering our clothing at a price that is competitive and preserving yak wool's unique performance properties, we blended yak wool with the finest non-museled merino into yarns that are perfect for this purpose while being super light, buttery soft and lofty. Our team of experts have then applied these yarns to develop a range of multi-weight Hima-Layer™ fabrics for our current wool range.

But we have more to do! We have spent years and countless work hours testing and developing light weight options for warmer, longer summer days. We also listened to those of you who told us that you can’t wear wool due to skin sensitivity. So we got busy and started looking at non-wool fibres. The result is our newest range of base layer and activewear styles made from plant based alternatives to wool. Our pieces made from FSC-certified Bamboo and Hemp provide everything that our wool collection does; intelligent designs, technical performance and great comfort, as well as SPF sun protection and a wider selection of beautiful colours inspired by the Himalayas.