A guide to our fabrics

We redefine outdoor wear with exceptional fabrics and innovative design

Renowned for our pioneering work in yak wool fabric technology, we have earned a reputation for utilising natural wool fibres to create superior base and technical mid layers for outdoor adventures and expeditions. 

Backed by our scientific testing, our unique yak wool Hima-layer™ fabrics offer an unrivalled warmth to weight ratio, outperforming traditional wools with remarkable moisture management, breathability, quick drying and odour reducing properties. Our aim ultimately is to create fabrics that are supremely comfortable all day long and our range of yak wool fabrics are also super soft on the skin, low maintenance and consistently outperform synthetic equivalents. By sourcing yak wool directly from Himalayan plateau nomads, we not only ensure the exceptional quality of our fabrics but also contribute directly to the way of life of our Tibetan nomad partners.

As we broaden our range, we are staying true to our core values. Our commitment to making planet-friendly choices is reflected in our latest collection featuring ethically and sustainably sourced FSC-approved bamboo, an exceptional substitute for synthetic fabrics, for our expanded activewear collection. Whilst not as fast-drying as wool, bamboo boasts remarkable skin-friendliness, shields against UV rays and provides inherent warmth and cooling for comfort.

We are excited to extend our range again with our beautiful hemp fabric. We love hemp for its comfort, robustness and durability and believe it is the ideal fabric for daily wear during warmer seasons. With its inherent antibacterial properties it mitigates odours, while its minimal water requirements and soil-nurturing properties add back to the earth rather than deplete it. Hemp's natural softness and skin friendly comfort make it perfect for long days on the road or exploring bazaars and antiques markets. Inspired by our love of adventure travel we have designed our first hemp collection with a casual go-anywhere style.